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About Us

About Us

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Canadian Students Association at Cardiff is a society registered with the Student’s Union at Cardiff University. Our main purpose is to unite Canadians living in Cardiff. There are approximately 85 Canadians registered with the university and countless others living in Cardiff. Throughout the year we’ll be organizing socials for Canadians to meet up and get to know each other. We’re also here to help people new to Cardiff. If you have any questions or need advice on your time/move to Cardiff, drop us a line at cardiffcanadians@gmail.com and we’ll help you out the best we can!

You can also get a hold of us at our facebook page:

A Message from the Consulate of Canada in Cardiff

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I both applaud and support the initiative to create a Canadian Student Association in Cardiff! The Capital City of Wales has long been a mecca for students from Canada coming to study in the UK, but there has been nothing in the way of a catalyst or forum for Canadians to meet or get to know each other. This new Association is a real opportunity to remedy the situation, giving a tangible benefit to Canadians during their time in Wales!
-Dan Clayton-Jones
Honorary Counsel of Canada in Cardiff

Join Us!

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You can become a member of the Canadian Students Association by clicking the link below and joining through the Students Union website. There is a one-time £4.oo charge to join the Students Union guild that enables you to join all university societies. Our membership cost is  £4.00 for one year.


Your Executive

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President: Monica Butt – Calgary

Vice President: John Canario – Toronto

Treasurer / Secretary: Taran Ghatrora – Vancouver